Photo shoot.
Check out and enjoy the wonderful photos made by Bárbara Vidal for Vacabou.Photos.html

“Now that monkeys can sing”, from the album “Alfalfa & Beta”.

New videoclip!

“The Drums of Twilight” 4th and new album (LP+CD and CD),

released with Limbo Starr,

in shops from

OCTOBER 21st 2013.

With the amazing collaboration of Agustín Fernández Mallo, Jaime G. Soriano (Sexy Sadie) and Joan Miquel Oliver (Antonia Font).

Available online here.

Watch the teasers for the new album

“The Drums of Twilight”


Visit Vacabou’s interactive web site!

Watch “Le Monde Sens Dessus Dessous” videoclip, while moving your mouse around the screen, so you can see it from different angles while reproducing!

In-advance tickets are now available for the very special venues in Palma de Mallorca and Madrid, whith the whole band + live video  projections.

Don’t slak off! Capacity is limited for both venues and opportunities are very few!

Palma de Mallorca

April 11th, at 9 PM

Teatre Mar i Terra (San Magín, 89).


May 27th, at 10 PM

Teatro del Arte (San Cosme y San Damián, 3)